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Experience Willow

                                                 Salix interior along Missouri River Mid-Missouri

 Check out our 23 species of Willow for many uses, basket weaving, stream bank stabilization, phytoremediation and building.

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Food Not Lawns Starts it’s 10th Year in Kansas City

FNLSpring 2017 flyer

Learn About Permaculture in Kansas City


Pop-Up Workshop In Your Yard Mushroom Remediation


Tuesday October 4, 2016                                    6:30 – 8:00

  • Presentation: Using mushrooms for Ecosystems Restoration in your yard
  • Hands on Oyster mushroom bed construction
  • Take home Oyster or King Stropharia mushroom spawn

Location: 5937 Charlotte Kansas City MO



Oyster mushrooms, Pleurotus ostreatus are used to break down complex carbon based toxins such as petroleum, benzene, antibiotics, personal care products and alkaline battery chemicals. Many of these are common pollutants in our urban environment.

Medical research has found that Oyster Mushroom produce statins and lovastatins that help in lowering LDL cholesterol in the body.  Pleurotus ostreatus extract was also found to inhibit the proliferation of human breast and colon cancer cells.

This variety of fungus can also utilize common organic materials such as woodchips, bedding straw, garden refuse and even cardboard keeping these resources out of the waste stream. We can reap a harvest of highly nutritious, healing food while we remediate and build our soils. We are ecosystems managers, becoming more integral to our Place on Earth.

You will learn a simple method to grow oyster and other mushrooms in your yard with woodchips, straw and cardboard utilizing a shady spot where you can’t grow vegetable. You will also receive enough oyster mushroom spawn to build your own 3’ x 3’ bed.  After your mushroom patch is established and producing you can use it to seed sites that need to be restored in your neighborhood.



Participants will also enjoy appetizers prepared by our host, Debbie Glassberg, a fabulous Raw Food Chief. As a bonus you will get an inside look at Debbie’s gorgeous Container Home and front yard vegetable garden in Kansas City’s Brookside neighborhood.


Workshop will be led by Steve Mann owner of Prairie Ecosystems Management

Agroforestry and Ecological Design and Consulting


The cost of the workshop including mushroom spawn is $25.00

There are a limited number of spots available for this unique workshop so sign up early at:


Kansas City Urban Permaculture Design Certification Course

Arleta Park Edible Forest Garden.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro 12272015 110530 PM.bmp

Urban Permaculture Design Course  focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities of the Urban Ecosystem. Permaculture design for urban and suburban homesteads and farms  including sections on:

  •           Local Food Systems
  •           Permaculture for Community Development
  •           Social and Environmental Justice
  •           Zone 00: Integral Permaculture theory
  •           Urban Ecosystems Restoration

Feb 23 – May 14th 2016

Tuesday evening classes 6-9pm, Saturday morning field day 9-noon

Offered by: Kansas City Permaculture Education,Extension, & Research (KCPEER)

at: Urban Farming Guys MakerSpace

3700 E. 12th St. Kansas City MO 64127

Syllabus and registration form

  Urban Permaculture Design Certification Course – Winter-Spring 2016 by Steve Mann



2015 Food Not Lawns Kansas City Sweet Potato Project

Prairie Ecosystems Management is handling the online orders for the Food Not Lawns Kansas City’s 2015 Sweet Potato Project.

2015 Food Not Lawns sweet potato project.doc [Compatibility Mode] - Microsoft Word 562015 115413 AM.bmp

The Kansas City Sweet Potato Project is action and education about the benefits of having a sweet potato patch instead of a lawn patch. Sweet potatoes are a beautiful, highly nutritious edible landscaping plant that is an environmentally sound replacement for unsustainable lawns.

Started in 2008 by the local Food Not Lawns collaborative,  we  offer organic  sweet potato plants for sale and workshops covering:

  • Sweet potato planting,
  • Cultivation
  • Harvest
  • Storage.

Sponsored by:

Community Ecological Enterprise Hub

Antioch Urban Growers

Food Not Lawns Kansas City

Prairie Ecosystems Management like us on Facebook 




We are offering three verities this year of certified organic sweet potato slips developed to thrive in our bio-region.

Beauregard, Traditional Orange Skin / Orange Flesh  ORDERING OVER FOR THIS YEAR

Murasaki, Purple Skin / White Flesh Sweet Potato  SOLD OUT

O’Henry, White Flesh Sweet Potato  SOLD OUT


Sweet potato slip propagation is weather dependent . Sweet potatoes are a tropical plant that suffers when the soil temperature is lower than 50° so we cannot set a firm delivery date though it is usually the first week of June.


Order sweet potato slips for delivery June 4th – 12th 2015

Pick up at Antioch Urban Growers     2727 NE 44th St Kansas City Mo 64117

Please leave your email and phone number on order form message box.

Thank you and happy Sweet Potatoing!


AgroEcological Design Services


Prairie Ecosystems Management Web add color

Premium Red Wiggler Castings


worm pooh  Finest organic red wiggler(ecosystems managers) castings. Fresh not all dried out like some brands so microorganisms are still thriving.
1 pound premium worm castings 

Designing Edible Forest Gardens Workshop

Prairie Ecosystems Management


                             Sustainable AgroEcology

  • Agroforesty
  • Permascape Design
  • Season Extension Structures
  • Edible Landscape Plants
  • Conservation Biological Control

Consulting and Design

Steve Mann

Kansas City Missouri

816 352-9213