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BadSeed Farmers Market

Its happening at BadSeed

BadSeed Farmers Market

1909 McGee, Kansas City Mo

In the Crossroads Art District

First Friday’s Street Party with Music and Art

Starting May 1st Every […]

Shanti Garden Thoughts

Shanti means peace in Sanskrit, and that is the philosophy I hope to practice in creating and maintaining Shanti garden. Peace to the environment will be observed by using no-till and organic methods, and by implementing permaculture design. By using no-till planting methods, disrupting the natural ecosystem that exists (everywhere in all […]

Community Supporting Agriculture

shanti Volunteer Community Supporting Agriculture

We hear a lot about CSA’a now days even on Channel 5, I’m told(don’t watch the Big Eye myself). It seems usually it’s from the point of view of the farmers and growers. Who speaks for the Community? Who speaks for Earth? If we turn off the static of […]

Tessellated Edge Carrot Beds

Since I’ve sworn off straight rows I’m trying out some concepts I learned from the founder of modern Permaculture, Bill Mollison, swales, keyholes and edges.

My Tessellated Edge Beds consist of mini- swales created by mounding and shaping a mulch/ compost/bio active peat mixture into the desired shape. […]

CSA Coop Add-Ins

oatmeal, steel cut oats, rice, raisins and black beans

With Platte Prairie Farm’s CSA you can add in organic commodities from the Squash Blossom Coop to your weekly food bag. We have oatmeal, rice, peanut butter, raw almonds, seeds for sprouting, flower, dry beans and […]

Biennial KC Urban Farms & Gardens Tour

CLICK HERE to keep up with the Official Tour Web Site

Kansas City Urban Farms and Gardens Tour

Food From the City…For the City Mark the dates:

Pre/Post-Tour Events June 18-29

Tour Sunday, June 28 2009 – 10AM-5PM*

Food From the City…For the City (take a […]


The spirit of my grandfather visited me today in the form of a red winged blackbird. He perched on the branch of the bamboo in my grove. His song spoke to my soul. He told me he has blessed my fields and I would have a bountiful harvest. Put your hands into […]

Kamutgrass CSA

the next step in your quest for optimum health. […]

Soaring Above my Place on Earth

Eagle over Line Creek

I’ve been seeing a flock of bald eagles soaring and diving in the Line Creek valley and at Platte Prairie Farm. Both were homes to early farmers. Near my home the Nebo Hill People lived, hunted and farmed six to eight thousand years ago. The […]

Farming becomes ‘Edgy’

Using edge in a keyHole potato bed

Had one of those DUH moments last Saturday at Creekhouse Organic Community Garden where I have a No-Till plot. Toby and I were preparing to plant potatoes so we picked out the spot. I looked at the […]