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Red Flag Environmental Warning Art Project

Red Flag Environmental Warning Art Project

For years the red flag has been the symbol of warning and distress. Because of global environmental collapse brought on by humanities exploitation of Earth’s resources without regard of the consequences. Our children’s, children’s, children […]



Michael Pollan at Unity

Michael making his point

The place was packed Wednesday Evening at Unity on the Plazza as Healthy Food movement superstar Michael Pollan rocked the house. Seemed like every farmers market shopper in the metro was there. I saw a lot of BadSeed customers and Food Not Lawnies galore.

I will broadcast Michael’s talk […]


Food Not Lawns ''Tribal Gathering'

Most gardeners and growers don’t know that they aren’t allowed to use the word Organic to describe their growing practice. The market farmer who sells at the local farmers market can only call their tomatoes ‘Organic’ if they have been certified […]

Platte Prairie Farms Partners with Mantoid Farm Workers

praying mantis egg case

I’ve been waiting since March for the praying mantis egg cases I purchased from a organic farm supplier to hatch. The instructions said to be patient and I was, kind of. I need these guys and now. Flea beetles are out and hungry.

Some of the […]

Food Not Lawns Communiversity Class

former lawn now a vegetable garden


Attend the Communiversity Class on FOOD NOT LAWNS

Increase local food security, improve your diet, beautify your surroundings, build community, reduce pollution and energy use. (It takes 87 calories of fuel to transport one calorie of perishable fresh fruit from west coast to east […]


The invisible world around us amazes me. Think of it. The space where your consciousness resides actually contains more microbial cells than human cells. We literally are made of microbes, some in symbiotic relationships others well you know all to well what the flue bug can do. Environmental toxins, growth hormones, prescription […]

Affirmation for life

The Importance of touch to a caring community

We humans have many longings. To be part of a vibrant, caring, energetic and engaged community is one of the most powerful. Think about the hugs, ritualized handshakes, back patting and wrestling we engage in […]

Platte Prairie Farms CSA and Volunteer News Letter

I will be issuing Carbon Offset credits that represent the amount of carbon we are sequestering and eliminating by our growing practices […]

Parkville Farmers Market

Wednesday market will start on June 10th, 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Parkville Farmers Market will offer plants, spring vegetables and a variety of jams, jellies, bread, coffee, honey, meat, etc., and a lot of friendly vendors ready to serve you. The variety will change as the harvesting of crops turn through the […]