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Green Bologna


Throw the green bologna on the compost heap

Throw the green bologna on the compost heap


April 22, 2009 Earth Day


It’s time to throw the green bologna on the compost heap. It’s like bull shit and makes pretty good fertilizer. We don’t have time for this ‘Green’ bullshit.  It’s time to raise the Red Flag.  So I am raising the Red Flag and declaring an Emergency.


Suppose we were on a spaceship circling the Sun. Life Support reports that the buildup of co2 is approaching critical. An essential system in the ship was out of balance and emitting the poison. In this situation every member of the crew would be on alert and working to restore the balance and protect all their lives. We do live on a spaceship, our Earth spinning round the Sun. We are the system that is out of balance.

 Earth is a complex life support system for a global Community of Life that has been named Gaia by James Lovelock. In his book Gaia’s Revenge, Lovelock predicts dire consequences for the Community of Life if the carbon dioxide concentration reaches 500 parts per million. Were over 390ppm and increasing at over 2.5ppm each year. Incredibly the growth curve of co2 increase is expected to go all the way to 700ppm. I won’t list all the consequences of this headlong race to self destruct so check this link

or do your own research.   At 500 ppm we will see a 5 -6 deg temperature rise. The Earth will not be as we know it.  At 700ppm Lovelock predicts only 650,000 human remaining on Earth.

We must not allow the temperature rise to reach 6 deg. We must stabilize at 4 deg. This will mean a cutback and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 80 – 90%. The now of it suddenly becomes apparent to me. We already have a model. WE must live in an economic world like that of our great grandparents. Simplicity, frugality, waist not want not, reuse, Main Street, a local Living Economy.  But it will take more than that; we must re-design and rebuild our communities. There’s plenty of work for all.

WE must decarbonizes our coal fired plants and have a negative GDP rate of -4%. Since GDP is based on Phantom Wall Street Wealth we need to measure the Externalities that economists dismiss. The Real Wealth of Humanity. Clean air and water.  We need to grow healthy happy children, families and communities.  We need to live in peace and cooperation like we are on a spaceship. We must restore the balance in the Community of Life we are a part of.   Homes, businesses, factories, all buildings will have to be made energy neutral and preferably energy producers. Public transportation, bicycles and walking will have to be the norm. Food will have to be produced locally and sustainably. We need to grow Food Not LAWNS. We can do this! If we don’t we will have a Mad Max world.

 Main Street must lead the way. On one end of Wall Street hucksters ply their shell games of Phantom Wealth, Get Rich Quick Schemes 401k sucker bets and endless bubbles. And on the other end the 3 card Monty pyramid ponzy bankers whine for Socialized bailouts and freedom to screw the Market. We have to take back our future. Time to Localize, Time to build the Local Living Economy. Time to Transition.

A lot of us won’t be around in 2060 but I will have grand children and great grandchildren looking back and asking, Grandfather what of the once Green Earth?   What would I tell them?  “Little ones I was watching American Idol and enjoying a cold Bud in my favorite easy chair”.  But no that’s not me I teach my community to Grow Food Not Lawns!

Steve Mann