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CreekHouse Norganic Community Garden



We are carefully avoiding the Killdeer  hen guarding her eggs in the center of last year’s three sister corn patch.  Lynn placed a tomato cage around the four eggs to keep out the cats roaming the valley.  Yes mother we will take care not to bother your eggs.

This is the second year at this wonderful Community Garden started by Lynn and Neal Burdick.  Linn was on of our first Food Not Lawns graduated and asked me to help her do a No-Till Community garden last spring .She had already covered 2000 sqft with cardboard and straw. I asked to see the soil test and was told they didn’t  have it tested. Well anytime you start a massive gardening project you must know the condition of the earth beneath you.  Turns out the soil needed 70 lb lime per acre. All the straw and mulch had to be removed and the lime  I grew a lot of zucchinis and sweet potatoes  there. This year the squash are rotated out because of the squash bug and cucumber beetle infestation.  We have potatoes, peas, pole beans, onions, leeks,  kale, and endive  so far. The buckwheat cover crop self seeded and is thickening up.  We experimented on a number of cover crops and living mulched, Wollypod vetch, oats, buckwheat, white clover and subterranean clover.  I have a hops vine doing very well in it’s second year.


 The CreekHouse Organic Community Garden  will be on the KCCUA Urban Farm Tour this coming June , see the link on the left for full information. Come out and see us.