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Local Carbon Offset

Growing Food for my Community

Growing Food for my Community

Platte Prairie Trading Company Offsets Local Carbon Footprint

Did you know? Platte Prairie Farms uses no-till, organic methods to produce healthful and nutritious food for a diverse community. But we know using even the best methods, agriculture is responsible for 25 percent of the Co2, 65 percent of the methane and 90 percent of the nitrous oxide contributed to total greenhouse gas emissions in our world today.

Growing food for the community in the community saves hundreds of “food miles” and the pollution caused by trucking from state to state. And, Platte Prairie Farms uses the following strategies to ensure we offset our carbon footprint and reduce global warming in these ways:

· We use no petrochemical substances in our growing practices

· We recycle ground leaves, limbs and newspaper into food and biomass

· We use no till/minimal tillage methods

· We keep records of the starting organic content of the soil in all our plots, then retest annually to track the increase of carbon in the soil

· We track the amount of mulch, compost and newspaper incorporated into the growing beds

· By eliminating mowing and tilling we reduce petro-fuel emission contributions

So … where do YOU come in?

The folks at Platte Prairie Farms want to give you a simple and quick way to offset your carbon footprint and reduce global warming. Please consider making a donation to our “In Your Yard” CSA Program and help us expand our efforts to sequester carbon and stop the carbon poisoning of our earth.

The fact that you are visiting this website tells us you care about this planet, its people and its future. Can we count on you to stand in the gap and give?

Your gift of any amount will make a difference — thanks for giving and for expanding our efforts to grow food for the community in the community!

Steve Mann
Platte Prairie Farms of KCMO