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Pop-Up Soil Solarization Workshop

Pop-Up Soil Solarization Workshop at Home Grown Community Garden

This will be a hands-on experience in removing unwanted grasses and opportunistic species without petro-chemicals or tilling.

Sunday May 21st 3:00 – 4:30PM

3000 E 20th St Kansas City, MO.

Much of the ‘lawn’ at Home Grown Community Garden is made up of Bermuda grass, dock, dandelions, creeping Charlie, henbit and dead nettle.

Our process for removal of the vegetation is called Solarization, using clear or black plastic film to cover the soil, capturing solar radiation to heat the soil killing the unwanted species.

We will first mow or clear plants and materials from the site. We then cover the soil surface with a plastic sheet covering to heat the soil. We will bury the edge so the hot air will not escape. The solar infrared radiation is trapped under the plastic sheet warming the soil with temperatures reaching as high as 180°F, killing current vegetation and many seeds and pathogens in the soil.

The restoration area is solarized using clear, 2 – 4 mill poly sheets from May/June till August killing off current plants and many seeds and pathogens.

The goal is to maintain daily soil temperatures above 110°F in the top 6 inches of the soil for six weeks.

We will divide the area into four plots and use different treatments to remove the unwanted vegetation, mainly the Bermuda grass. The first plot will be sprayed with a herbicide made from agricultural vinegar, salt and detergent (1) then solarized with clear plastic film.

The second will not be sprayed, just solarized with the clear film. The third will be sprayed with our mixture then solarized with black plastic and the forth plot only black plastic film.

For more information on soil solarization download KC Permaculture Extension Bulletin # N100 at:  http://: 


Steve Mann

Ms Natural Resources

Graduate Certificate Agroforestry







1 Vinegar Herbicide Recipe

Heat in large pot

1 gal 20% vinegar

1 cup of salt and stir until the salt dissolves.

Let it cool, and then add 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap.

Dilute with 1 gal water to make 2 gallons.






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